New Era of Gaming - Bad or Good

What will be the New era of Gaming? We all have this thing in mind. In today's world, Gaming has become the part of real life. The more it connects, the more it becomes real. 

Gamers around the world are looking for new dimensions now. It has to be big and attractive. On the other hand the vast majority of caretakers — parents, are now in a deep thinking of whether playing games are good for their kid or not?

Many talks have already been exchanged between the thinkers, and they have concluded that, the future of gaming is really dark, we as gamers will obey to live two lives simultaneously — Inside the screen and outside the screen.

On one side, we have the more simplest game which require no internet (Google Dinosaur game) and on the other hand we have huge virtual reality game ( Virtual Life) what makes them so difference among the gamers?

Tell us about your thoughts about the future of gaming industry, we will be waiting for them.